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The Lakewood Middle School mission is to provide a safe learning environment where everyone works together to help each student achieve high academic standards.
Welcome our new staff members for the
2014-15 School Year!
Dr. Dieter Rice, Brad Barton, Michael Bowie, Leiann DeVelder, MaryAnn LeGore  
Left to right Dr. Dieter Rice,  Brad Barton, Michael Bowie
Leiann DeVelder, and MaryAnn LeGore 
Healthy Youth Survey  

Washington State 2014 Healthy Youth Survey

Our district is participating in the Washington State 2014 Healthy Youth Survey during the week of October 13th – 17th.

The Healthy Youth survey includes questions related to physical activity and diet, unintentional and intentional injury, substance use, risk and protective factors, access to school-based services, and sexual behaviors, abuse and orientation. Survey results are used by schools, communities and state agencies to plan programs to support our youth and reduce their risks.

The Healthy Youth Survey is given to students in grades 6, 8, 10 and 12 across Washington State. 

Participation in the survey is voluntary and the students’ answers are anonymous.

Please read the attached Parent and Student Notification flyer for more information about the Healthy Youth Survey.  

Additional information about the Healthy Youth Survey 2014 can be found at:  http://askhys.net