Technology LogoOur Vision of Technology and Learning

If technology is to realize its powerful potential for improving education in Lakewood School District, it must be used for more than just automating the traditional methods and practices of teaching. Rather than the computer being a tool, which allows a common task to be done more efficiently, technology will fundamentally change how instruction is delivered, how student performance is measured, and how teachers view themselves as professionals.

Professional development is a key component of the district's technology plan. Lakewood has adopted a technology skill competency system that has three levels.

Level 1 - Basic Technology
Level 2 - Beginning Technology Integration
Level 3 - Teaching and Learning in the Classroom

Level 3 contains a hardware package which includes a computer, SMART Board, projector, document camera, and audio enhancement system. To obtain the package teachers demonstrate competency in Levels 1 and 2 and agree to participate in the Level 3 program. Our technology professional development is based around this leveled program.

Last Modified on October 5, 2010