The Grounds Department maintains 93 acres of landscape, athletic fields and playgrounds throughout the District with a current staff of 1.5 FTE.
Responsibilities include:
  • weed and clean shrub beds
  • prune trees and shrubs
  • mow and edge lawn areas                                                         
  • operate and repair irrigation systems
Drainage Systems
  • clean catch basins
  • repair and maintain storm drains and detention/retention tanks or ponds
Driveways and Parking Lots
  • clean, repair and sweep asphalt
  • inspect and repair playground equipment
  • maintain cushioning material under playground equipment
Sports Fields
  • operate, maintain, and repair irrigation systems
  • mow, sweep, fertilize, and renovate grass sports fields
  • prepare baseball, softball, tracks, football, and soccer fields for school sports seasons
Jim Nigro - Grounds
Mark Webb - Assistant Grounds                sweeper