Put Books on Hold

Put Books on Hold online

  • Access our library catalog using any device, browse titles and put books on hold to pick up. 

    Shortcut:QR code: Hold your camera over the image and the website"goalexandria.com" will drop down - choose that for instant access to the catalog.

    https://bit.ly.LHSHolds or https://lakewoodhighschoollibrary.goalexandria.com QR code Researcher

    Researcher will come up with 8 options.

    The magnifying glass Magnifying Glass is how to best look up titles, authors, and genre you are interested in finding. When you enter a title and select a book by clicking on the golden arrow on the far right, the book information pops up. To put this title on hold - select the gold icon of a hand over a book . This will prompt a window to pop up: Username (your six digit ID #), and Password (your last name). 

    The directional signs Direction Sign icon the Browse option and show the latest 50 books we've added. You can read about them, but not put them on hold from here.