• Curriculum and Instructional Materials Committee (CIMC)

    The purpose of the Curriculum Council is to:

    • Provide a forum for the review of Curriculum Adoption Committee recommendations

    • Insure that proper procedures have been followed in adopting the curriculum and instructional materials that are compatible with the state guidelines and the District’s mission, vision and guiding principles, objectives and learning goals

    • Assure that the requirements of State statutes and District policies have been met so that all staff members who have properly followed the procedure outlined in Board Policy #2020 shall have the protection against claims, lawsuits or judgments occasioned by the selection or use of instructional materials

    • Provide an orderly process for receiving considering and acting on written complaints regarding instructional materials

    • Audit the current instructional program for kindergarten – 12th grade

    • Evaluate proposed in-district continuing education clock hours requests for approval

    Committee members meet monthly (as needed). They provide information, gather input, and consult frequently with staff regarding the work of the Curriculum Council . Members collaborate with building administrators and plan for the presentation of information and recommendations to appropriate building staff members.

Last Modified on August 22, 2016