Volunteer Information

  • We believe that every parent, grandparent and community member plays an important part in the education of students in the Lakewood School District. To effectively and truly educate every student requires a team effort of teachers, administrators, parents, and community members.

    Families make our schools strong. Every time students see a family member at the school, they get the message that education is important. Parent involvement at school is the number one indicator of academic success for students. Parents also act as mentors to students and can be a valuable extra set of hands, eyes, and ears for teachers. The more community involvement a school has, the safer the environment for all students.

    Some families can donate time once a week. Some can come occasionally to chaperone field trips, dances, or help with special projects. Some are only able to come in the evening. We understand because we are working parents, too. The key to being involved is to come as often as possible, and come whenever you can.

    There are countless ways parents and grandparents can volunteer in our schools. In-class teacher assistants, library helpers, committee members, assignment correctors are just a few.

    Community businesses and organizations also play an important role in our schools. Through donations of materials, money, and volunteers, the school community is made richer for the many contributions it receives. Employees from Lowe's were recently in classrooms to teach students how to build birdhouses and talk about tool safety.

    Whatever You like to do best, we can find a place for you to share that interest with our students. Please call the school office of where you are interested in serving.