• The Lakewood Compact: A Small District Going Big Places

    In 2019, 90 members of the Lakewood community identified the future we want for our public education students through the Community Café. As a result of that discussion, the dozen members of the Community Engagement Advisory drew out themes of that community conversation and drafted a set of commitments. This work was further refined by the “Thinking Together” dialogue with teaching staff in early 2020.

    After a pause during the pandemic, friends, neighbors, parents, and staff came together in February 2021 for a virtual community workshop to discuss our district's vision and priorities. A community survey provided additional feedback.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
  • Strategic Priorities

    The Lakewood School District is a rapidly changing and growing community which has placed students at its center. Our changing demographics present our schools with opportunities to embrace welcoming, inclusive and culturally responsive practices that foster a sense of belonging for each student and their family. Our greatest challenges are our greatest opportunities.  We have the responsibility to design our instructional resources, services, policies and facilities in service to relationships dedicated to the growth of each child.

    To these ends and in the following areas staff, administrators, students and community leaders will work together to fulfill the following commitments:

    Service, Leadership and a Community of Caring

    • Cultivate a sense of ownership and belonging among students by developing their leadership skills in academic and non-academic endeavors
    • Build partnerships and practices with students and families, from registration to graduation, that place community at the center of the school and the school at the center of the community.
    • Expand student agency in the world outside of Lakewood through a variety of classroom, family and community-based activities or forums.
    • Provide daily access to health services for each staff member and student in our district.
    • Support all staff as stewards of healthy, caring, creative relationships centered on the social-emotional growth of students.
    • Provide supports to each staff member that reinforce self-care and personal health.
    • Invest in the development of staff leadership at all levels of our district.

    Equitable Access to Powerful Learning

    • Review and redesign school district policies, communications and practices that eliminate physical, financial, racial and cultural barriers to learning.
    • Expand academic and vocational experiences that encourage each student to pursue their passions in the Lakewood school community.
    • Ensure equitable access to high-level, challenging course offerings that provide multiple pathways to college and careers.
    • Continue to place literacy at the center of student and professional learning across disciplines.
    • Ensure that each student and family experience the benefit of instructional resources, technology systems, and services.
    • Build culturally responsive academic support systems that remove barriers to high achievement.
    • Enhance support systems for students with disabilities that leverage parent voice, support smooth transitions and provide the most intensive instruction while maximizing inclusion in general education.

    Collaborative Community and Programmatic Partnerships

    • Extend community resources and services to each student in need of mental health and social-emotional supports.
    • Pursue academic and vocational partnerships outside of Lakewood schools that prepare students for learning and life after high school.
    • Enhance transportation services in ways that increase student participation in a full range of academic and in non-academic activities.
    • Enhance food service programs in ways that expand student choice, cultural experiences and food security to families in our community.
    • Develop and expand professional learning communities between and across grade levels.
    • Facilitate community collaboration that prioritizes safe, healthy and dynamic learning relationships in school district operations and facility use.
    • Foster public partnerships at the local, county and state levels that support safe, welcoming neighborhoods, facilities and services in our district.