Principal Message

  • Hello Lakewood Cougar Families: 

    March is approaching quickly and that means the Lakewood High School is hopping!  
    We have started registration with our students for the 2020-2021 school year…crazy. We are planning graduation for the class of 2020 and we are working hard to support our students to finish the year strong.
    No matter what grade your child is in this year, there are many things that they are working on and could use support with.

    • Freshmen are working on transitioning from middle school to high school; the increased independence, the reality that grades and passing classes matter, and working through complex social situations.
    • Sophomores are thinking about what they want to do after high school and how they are going to accomplish those goals.
    • Juniors are getting excited about their senior year, looking at colleges (perhaps) or trade schools or jobs, and really trying to determine their next steps.
    • And, of course, our Seniors are thinking about graduation and realizing what it means to be done with high school. As exciting as this time is for your child, and for you, it’s also very scary and stressful.

    There are many supports in place at LHS to help your child.

    • Teachers are available before and after school
    • After-school study center, Monday-Thursday 2:15-3:00 pm
    • Guidance counselors
    • Student Success Coordinator

    I’m sure you all know, the best way to support your child at home is to talk to them about school, encourage them to do their best and ensure they attend every day, all day, and on time. Keeping the communication lines open with their teachers and administrators is super important as well. We are all working toward the same goal of seeing your child walk across the stage at graduation!

    Here are some important dates to add to the calendar:
    April 6-10: No School, Spring Break
    Week of April 27: Smarter Balanced Assessment for English Language Arts for all 10th graders
    Week of May 11: Washington Comprehensive Assessment for Science for all 11th graders
    May 28, 29 and June 1, 2: Smarter Balanced Assessment for Math for all 10th graders. 

    Again, if you have any question or comments please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!  

    Jeanette Grisham
    Lakewood High School Principal

    Important reminder:
    We want all of our students here, learning and connecting and enjoying high school, each and every day! It is so important for students to be on time and be present for every class. If you have any questions at all on attendance, please feel free to contact me! You can also check your child’s attendance on Skyward if you are ever curious.

    Cell Phone information:
    Cell phones can be used in the classroom for educational purposes only. Each teacher will explain how cell phone use works in their class. Students should not be on their phones during class texting, on social media, or for any reason other than school related. We ask parents to not text their children during the school day unless it is an absolute emergency. You can contact the secretary, Mrs. Connor, if you need to get ahold of your child. We will get all messages to them in a timely fashion. You can also contact your child during lunch, schedules are posted on the website. We are trying to teach our students how to manage their technology in different settings.