Substance Use Prevention: Project Success

  • ToriLakewood Middle School and Lakewood High School are implementing a program called Project SUCCESS for our students. Project SUCCESS is an evidence-based substance use prevention program for secondary students and is proven to reduce substance use and improve school performance. Students will have the opportunity to engage in school-wide awareness programs, classroom discussions, extracurricular activities, small groups and individual meetings to correct erroneous perceptions about substance use. In addition, students will learn to identify and resist social and situational pressures to use substances.

    During the 2022-2023 school year, all 7th and 9th grade students will receive the Project SUCCESS Prevention Education Series in their health class. Parent/Guardian meetings will also be available to create a holistic prevention effort for our students.

    I will be responsible for implementing and coordinating Project SUCCESS prevention and education activities, and I am honored to be doing this for a second year. I have previously worked as a paraeducator at the Northwest Regional Learning Center and as an after-school enrichment teacher at Shoultes Elementary School in Marysville. I graduated from the University of Portland in 2018 with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Sociology, and I am currently attending Boston University's Online School of Social Work in pursuit of a Master's Degree in Clinical Social Work.

    I am available to support students individually and in groups who are affected by substance use, are using substances, or are experiencing various other stressful things in their lives such as mental health, school, or situations outside of school. I work with the team of amazing teachers, counselors, administrators, and many more (including you!) to ensure our students are receiving all the supports they want and need. Ultimately, I aim for all students to feel welcomed and supported, and I hope to be a resource for all students at Lakewood Middle School and Lakewood High School.

    Tori Weber, 
    Student Assistance Professional

Contact Information

  • If you are worried about your student's behavior and would like to speak to the Student Assistance Professional and/or have her see your student, please reach out.

    Tori Weber, Student Assistance Professional

    Suicide & Crisis Lifeline: call or text 988
    Lakewood Middle School: (360) 652-4510 (x3502)
    Lakewood High School: (360) 652-4505 (x8102)