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  • Enrollment for the 23-24 school year is closed. We will be accepting applications for the 2024-25 school year starting March 11. 

    Choice Transfers/Variances:
    For the 2024-25 school year, the following program has been determined to be at capacity:

    • Edgenuity
    • You may submit a choice transfer and be put on the waiting list.
    • Choice Transfers are granted for one full school year, or until the end of the current school year. Families wishing to remain at their non-residential school must remember to apply for a variance each year.

    Could your student benefit from a more flexible schedule? Is your student having a hard time juggling their academic needs, while still participating in the arts/athletics programs they like? Online Academy is a powerful resource that can be offered in a full-time setting or in a hybrid schedule (mix of in-person classes and online classes). 

    Each student is provided with a coach who works closely with the student and their family to customize the learning experience and provide essential resources for student success. Our online coaches are certified teachers with many years of experience in education.

    The Online Academy has been found to be a very successful program for families and students who need flexibility in their schedules, who work well independently and are resourceful when encountering a challenge.

    To learn more about Lakewood Online Academy, you can:

    • Review the Lakewood Online Academy Family Handbook on this page.

    To begin the process of enrollment, you can:

    • Complete the enrollment form on this page and return to your school principal
    • Meet with your school counselor to discuss whether it is a good fit and/or what your options might be for a hybrid schedule
  • Lakewood Online Academy is a powerful resource available to students in grades 5-12. Lakewood has offered the Online Academy with Edgenuity since 2020. It has evolved to become an ALE (alternative learning environment) for students who prefer an alternative to a traditional classroom model.

    The basics of Lakewood Online Academy

    Online courses can be offered in a full-time setting or in a hybrid schedule (mix of in-person classes and online classes). Each student is provided with a coach who works closely with the student and their family to customize the learning experience and provide essential resources for student success. Our online coaches are certified teachers with many years of experience in education. This is what makes LOA unique when compared to independent online schools. In addition to the online curriculum, students in the online program have a real person supporting them every step of the way and are encouraged to participate in on-site sports, clubs, and other activities.

    Want to know more? Watch this short video about the Edgenuity student experience

    Students who tend to thrive in Lakewood Online Academy

    • Students who learn better during different times of the day
    • Students who prefer to work at their own pace and find the traditional classroom setting too slow or too overwhelming for them.
    • High school students who are also working or are very involved in extra-curricular programs
    • Students who struggle with social anxiety
    • Students whose families have unusual schedules
    • Students who have goals to get a grade ahead or finish high school early
    • Students with conflicts in their schedule.
      • For example, a high school student who wants to take physics and band, but those classes are only offered at the same time in the building. Or another example, students want to take Running Start classes, but the few classes they still need at the high school are conflicting with that schedule.
    • Students who like to see the big picture before they begin and prefer to be more in control of their own education. Waiting for a teacher to tell them what to do has been a source of stress or tension.
    • Students who are self-motivated and self-disciplined
    • Students who are more involved with home life. For example, we have many students who help on their family’s farm or raising livestock or with a family business

    Benefits of Online Academy

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    Flexibility – The daily school schedule is set by students and their families. Coaches are ready to offer research-based advice to help in this matter, but ultimately, it is what works best for YOU.

    The Online Academy provides a unique opportunity for our families who can’t or don’t wish to be tied to the traditional school hours. Progress goals are in place to ensure students don’t fall too far behind, but ultimately, families are in the driver’s seat when it comes to how and when those goals get met each week. Need to take a Wednesday off unexpectedly? No problem, because the lessons are still there and waiting for you student; they could do school on Saturday that week instead.

    Transparency – Every course in the online program is laid out in full once a student is enrolled – they can see every assignment and ideal due date before they begin. This also allows them to consider early on if this course is right for them and make changes to their schedule quickly with minimal time lost. Grading is clear and quick, if not immediate, with timely feedback provided by their online coach to ensure learning and growth with every step. Students have complete control over the scores they earn as they are welcome to request retakes at any time as many times as they like. Parents have access to weekly progress updates (or daily if preferred) and an in-depth monthly progress report sent home by their student’s coach. Coaches, tutors, and online resources are available every day and are a few clicks away.

    Pacing – Pacing is set by the student.

    Students and families set goals with their online coach that are right for their individual needs. Sometimes students take this opportunity to spend more time on difficult subjects or concepts. Often, students work ahead and can accomplish more than they would in a traditional classroom environment. Some students prefer to work on one course at a time until it is finished. Others like the variety of working on all their courses at different times each day.

    Family involvement – A whole team of people is set to wrap around each student and that includes coaches, administration, counselors, tutors, and yes, parents/guardians and often siblings. The curriculum, including social-emotional learning, is provided, allowing families the confidence of knowing their student is getting a well-rounded education. They can also be as involved as they desire in the daily school experience.

    Some things to know

    • Students who choose a hybrid option forfeit access to school-provided transportation. Transportation to and from classes in the building each day will be the family’s responsibility.
    • While the program is fluid, consistent engagement is expected. If a student does not make satisfactory progress or is not finding success in the online program for two consecutive months, the school team of professionals will work with families to find a better fit for their student.
    • If a student receives IEP, ELL, or any other supplemental services, parents/guardians are encouraged to reach out for information specific to your student’s needs. Contact information is provided below.

    If you feel that the Lakewood Online Academy may be a good fit for your student, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for further discussion.

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