Land Acknowledgement

  • Lakewood School District extends the following land acknowledgment in order to recognize the power and personality of this place that we share. 

    We acknowledge the original inhabitants of this place, the stuləkʷabš (Stillaguamish), the sduhubš (Snohomish) and the dxʷlilap (Tulalip Tribes), successors to the sduhubš, who since time immemorial have hunted, fished, gathered, and tended the lands upon which our community currently resides. We respect their sovereignty and their right to self-determination. We honor their sacred spiritual connection with the land, water and living beings that share this space. We recognize the vital role indigenous people have played in the past, present and future of our home. We commit to just, sustainable relationships that will co-create the possibilities nourishing our children’s future.

    There are 13 different tribes in the Puget Sound region in Washington state that speak Lushootseed.