Students' Cabinet

  • About Students’ Cabinet

    We invite students to have a voice in our district’s future. LWSD is accepting applications for the first Lakewood Students’ Cabinet. We are seeking student representatives from grades 4-12 from diverse backgrounds and experiences to attend an advisory forum once a month during the school day. Superintendent Scott Peacock will help to facilitate the Students’ Cabinet.

    How to Apply

    This is an important commitment. Students who agree to engage as members of the Students’ Cabinet can expect to dedicate themselves to serving their schools, their classmates and their district as a whole. Self-interest or the needs of favorite programs should be balanced against the larger needs of the school, district and community. This will require:

    • Regular and active participation in meetings
    • Monthly in-person meetings at a location to be determined
    • Willingness to consider the diverse needs and interests represented
    • A desire to develop skills in critical thinking, public speaking, leadership, and service
    • A curiosity to learn about and understand (without necessarily agreeing with) perspectives or experiences that are different or in conflict with one’s own

    Please reach out to Renee Harnden-Moore, if you have any further questions.

    Application process is now CLOSED, thank you.