• Learning Assistance Programs - Title 1 and LAP

    Learning Assistance Programs-Title 1 and LAP are designed to provide assistance to students in grades K-12 who are deficient in basic skills and achieving below grade level in reading or math.
    Title 1 Program
    The Title 1 Program is federally funded and provides financial assistance to meet the specific needs of educationally deprived children in school attendance from low income families.  Schools which participate are:  Lakewood Elementary School and English Crossing Elementary.
    LAP Program
    The Learning Assistance Program is a state funded program providing financial assitance to schools to strengthen the skills of students who may be in need of additional services to meet the academic standards.  The Lakewood School District program is designed to supplement the regular classroom programs and to provide opportunities for students in kindergarten through grade eight to meet the standards in reading and math.  Each school develops assesments and criteria to identify students most in need of academic assistance.  These students are then placed in the program.  School which participate are:  Cougar Creek Elementary and Lakewood Middle School.
    Title 1 Contacts
    Lakewood Elementary School                         English Crossing Elementary
    Susan Cotton, Principal                            Bill Landry, Principal
    Tina Patrick, Title 1 Instructor                       Laura Hudson, Title 1 Instructor
    LAP Contacts
    Cougar Creek Elementary                               Lakewood Middle School
    Todd Mathews, Principal                                 Bryan Toutant, Principal
    Janet Wilson, LAP Instructor                         Linda Kilpatrick, LAP Instructor
    Lakewood High School
    Mike Curl, Principal
    Larry Delaney, LAP Instructor
    Monica Rooney, LAP Instructor
    District Contact
    Melissa VanZanten, Director of Teaching and Learning
    Phone (360) 652-4500
    Fax (360) 652-4502

Last Modified on September 24, 2015