• Lakewood Online Academy with Imagine Edgenuity Family Handbook

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    Welcome to Lakewood Online Academy with Imagine Edgenuity!

    We want to thank you for choosing our program to support your student in their educational goals. Established in 2020, Lakewood Online Academy with Imagine Edgenuity serves students in grades 4-12 in an online instructional format under alternative learning experience (ALE) guidelines. As part of the Lakewood School District, we must comply with all state education rules and regulations. Our staff, who we call Edgenuity Coaches, look forward to serving the individual needs of students in the Lakewood School District.

    Our mission is to provide a high quality, educational experience with a more flexible schedule. We know that each student is an individual and that the needs of each unique student will not be met with a one-size-fits-all approach. All students are provided a written student learning plan which specifies which courses they are taking, outlines our policies and procedures, and is used as a guideline for student success.

    At Lakewood Online Academy with Imagine Edgenuity, we provide our curriculum entirely online through Imagine Edgenuity. Imagine Edgenuity is a video-based curriculum with built-in activities. Imagine Edgenuity is a leading provider of online curriculum and blended learning solutions. Our goal is for students to practice valuable twenty-first century skills such as critical thinking, analysis and synthesis of resources, and digital creativity.

    The Lakewood Online Academy with Imagine Edgenuity prides itself on providing a caring and safe environment where all students and families are treated with respect and flexibility to meet their needs. As a program, we will continuously work to meet the needs of our students. We appreciate feedback and view our students and families as part of our team in regard to student success.

    We are very excited about this new opportunity and appreciate the trust you and your student have put in us as we embark on a new school year.

    Best regards,
    Lynn Konkol
    Director of Teaching & Learning
    Lakewood School District

    Student eLearning Quick Information Guide

    Important Information:

    • Full-time students, regardless of the number of courses, should be spending approximately 28 hours per week on their course work.
    • Weekly two-way communication between the student and Edgenuity Coach is required. This includes attending synchronous instruction, email, phone conversation, or text. Student and coach weekly communication is required by the Washington State rules of ALE and we also hope to continue with positive communication with families as well.
    • To earn a satisfactory monthly evaluation, students need to engage in weekly contact with their Coach. Students are expected to attend their designated time and discuss their progress, goals, and any questions they have for their courses each and every school week.
    • If a student completes under 28 hours per week and doesn’t communicate and/or met with weekly meetings with the Coach, then the student receives an unsatisfactory monthly evaluation, they need to respond back to the email they receive and follow the directions within the due dates listed in the email.

    Contact Information:

    • emay@lwsd.wednet.edu
    • danileach@lwsd.wednet.edu
    • czachry@lwsd.wednet.edu

    Important Dates: Please check our calendar and newsletter for all updated information.


    • End of first trimester: December 1st
    • End of second trimester: March 13th
    • End of third trimester: June 13th


    • End of first semester January 26th
    • End of second semester: June 13th

    Student FAQs

    What are the requirements of an alternative learning experience (ALE)?

    1. Written Student Learning Plan (WSLP)-Created by your Edgenuity Coach in tandem with your parents, counselors and you that outlines an individual learning plan based on state standards for each student.
    2. Weekly Contact-This is documented two-way direct communication between parents (elementary), students (secondary) and Coaches where the purpose is to discuss academic progress and serves as their attendance for the week.
    3. Monthly Evaluation-Once a month, Edgenuity Coaches are required to create a monthly evaluation of student progress toward the goals outlined in their WSLP. This information is obtained through weekly contacts. Progress in Imagine Edgenuity and SeeSaw/MS Teams.

    How will my courses be scheduled?

    Courses are scheduled on a semester or year-long basis and are chosen by graduation requirements that need to be met in consultation with your counselor and your Edgenuity Coach.

    What happens if I finish my course/learning path early?

    If you finish your courses/learning path early, please contact your Edgenuity Coach and let them know you are ready for your next course in your yearlong plan. They will enroll you in the next course.

    What happens if I don’t finish my course/learning path by my end-date?

    The answer to this question depends on the time of the year and how far you have made it in your course. The first step will be to contact your Coach and discuss a plan for completing your course/learning path.

    How does state testing work with Lakewood Online Academy with Imagine Edgenuity?

    Students will take the same assessments in the Online Academy as they would in the in-person school model. Your Coach will email you approximately two weeks prior to the test and let you know that you need to attend the test session on site. If you do not receive an email within one week of the testing session, and you think you should be testing, please contact your Edgenuity Coach to see if you should attend.

    What do I write for required weekly contact to my teacher(s)?

    In your weekly emails, you must include course-specific goals and, if behind, clear and specific plans for catching up (example: what days you will work that week and for how long each day).

    Example of course-specific weekly contact:

    • Today in ____________ class, I am ____percent complete. The target completion is ____________. This means I am _________(on track, ahead, behind). My goal for this week is ______________.
    • If behind: I am ____ percent behind where I should be. My plan for catching up is ____________.

    Example: Today in English 9, I am 45% complete. The target completion is 40%. This means I am ahead! My goal for the week is to stay on track each school day and get ahead, if possible.

    Example: Today in English 9, I am 30% complete. The target completion is 40%. This means I am 10% behind. My plan for catching up is to spend one and a half hours working on coursework each school day instead of one hour. If I’m not caught up by Friday, I will be spending as much time as needed on Saturday to get fully caught up so that by next Monday, I am no longer behind.

    What is my Written Student Learning Plan (WSLP)?

    The WSLP is a required document that outlines important information about you including your name, grade, requirements for satisfactory progress, and course information for the year. We will be sending this document to students and families. It will be updated as students finish their courses and start new ones. Staff will maintain the updates of this document, but students and families will have access to it at any time.

    What is my course map, and how do I get to it?

    Your course map is a useful tool in Imagine Edgenuity that shows you which assignments you need to complete in every class, every day, to stay on track. It also shows you past assignments that were already due (and whether you have completed them), and future assignments as well. To get to the course map, simply go to your dashboard and click on any class.

    Family FAQs for Supporting your Online Student

    How much time should my student be spending on their course and how do I check their time?

    Full-time students should be spending 28 hours per week on their coursework. You can check to make sure your student is spending enough time on their course(s) through your family portal account. Check under “Attendance Log”.

    How do I know if my student is making progress?

    A weekly progress report will be sent via email. Your student should be either green (on target) or blue (ahead). You can also use your family portal account at any time to check your student’s progress (See page 10 for instructions).

    What happens if my student states they are “locked” out of their course?

    Students can take assessments (quizzes or tests) up to two times. If a student fails on the second try, the prior lesson/unit will be reset so the student can review. Suggestions to help your student if this occurs:

    • Remind your student to contact their Coach as soon as this occurs but we are always checking M-F during normal school hours. Also, they can take additional notes, study past quizzes if it’s for a test, and use other supports as discussed with Coaches throughout the year. They can also work on work from another class until the quiz/test is reset for another try.
    • Slow down, review your notes, review lesson information and take more notes.

    What is the Lakewood Online Academy with Imagine Edgenuity attendance requirements?

    All students must make weekly contact with their Edgenuity Coach around their schoolwork via email, phone, Zoom or text.

    How can I help keep my student stay on track?

    You can do this by being proactive with your student:

    • checking their progress
    • paying attention to time spent on courses
    • having discussions about where they are struggling
    • establishing and keeping a schedule

    Family Portal Guide


    The Family Portal is a site that allows families access to current information about their student’s progress and performance. Families will be able to see a range of information such as how much time the student has spent working on their courses, what their grades are, and if they are on track to finish their courses on time.

    The Family Portal can be accessed at http://learn.edgenuity.com/family/

    Family Portal Setup and Use

    The Family Portal feature must be enabled by your student’s Edgenuity Coach. An access code will be provided to you by your Coach to use in the registration process.

    Once you receive the email below, you can start the registration process.

    Family Portal confirmation message

    Clicking on the link in the email will begin the registration process. At this point, you will be prompted to enter in the email address where you received the notification email, along with the activation code you were provided by your Edgenuity Coach.

    Verify Student screenshot

    Create your account

    With the account now generated, you will automatically be logged into the Family Portal. Once you are logged in, you will be able to see a listing for all students that are associated with your account. You also can view the Attendance Log and/or Progress Report for any of your associated students. It’s helpful to bookmark this page in your browser for future use.

    Edgenuity screenshot

    The Family Portal site contains explanations for all the information you’ll be able to find, such as the attendance log, progress reports, and more, so that you can understand all the details about how your student is doing.

    Logging into the Family Portal

    When you return to the Family Portal at http://learn.edgenuity.com/family/, you can log in using your email address and the password you created. If you have trouble remembering your password, you can click the Forgot your password link, enter your email address, and your password will be emailed to you.

    Family screenshot

    Make a note of your Activation Code. 

    Understanding Your Student’s Progress Report


    Knowing how your student is performing in their courses is something important to all families. We want to make sure that you have access to that information and that you know how to interpret it.

    How to Receive Progress Reports via Email

    Your student’s progress report will be sent to you, via email weekly on Monday mornings.

    If you are not yet receiving your student’s progress report, contact your student’s Coach and provide the following information:

    1. Your student’s name
    2. Your name
    3. Your email address

    Understanding the Progress Report

    Students also see this same progress report each time they log into the Virtual Classroom to perform work in their courses. Imagine Edgenuity is dedicated to ensuring that students, as well as families, always know how they are performing in their course work.

    screenshot of class dashboard

    NAME OF COURSE: At the top of the report, you will see the name of the course.

    COURSE COMPLETED: There are three elements in the Course Completed section that advise you on the progress your student is making in that specific course:

    1. Course Completed percentage: Indicates how much of the course a student has completed, working towards the goal of 100% completion.
    2. Color coded completion squares: Indicate what the colors in the square blocks just below the Course Completed percentage represent:
        • Red: Your student is falling behind in the course
        • Blue: Your student is on track with the course
        • Green: Your student is ahead of schedule in the course

    3. Target Completion: Indicates how far along in the course the student should be.

    OVERALL GRADE: The grade your student has earned thus far in the course, based on all activities and assessments he or she has completed:

    1. Overall Grade percentage: Percentage grade based on a 0%–100% scale.
    2. Color coded grade squares: Quick-reference colors to indicate what your student’s grade is in the course(s):
    • Red: Indicates a grade between 0%–59%
    • Orange: Indicates a grade between 60%–69%
    • Yellow Indicates a grade between 70%–79%
    • Olive: Indicates a grade between 80%–89%
    • Green: Indicates a grade between 90%–100%

    COMPLETE COUNT: Indicates the percent of the course completed, calculated by the number of assignments completed vs. the total number of assignments in the course (this number may be slightly different than the Course Completed percentage).

    RELATIVE GRADE: Represents the grade that your student would receive if he or she stopped working in that course today and received 0% for all unfinished activities.

    ACTUAL GRADE: Represents the overall grade adjusted for progress. This grade will be lower than the Overall Grade if your student is behind in the course; it will be the same as the Overall Grade if your student is on time or ahead of schedule in the course.

    TARGET COMPLETION: This is the percentage of the course the student should have completed based on the start and target dates set by the teacher.

    TAKEN: This shows the number of activities, by category, completed by the student.

    TOTAL: This shows the number of activities, by category, assigned in the course.

    GRADED: This shows the number of activities, by category, that count toward the student’s grade. By default, activities such as Vocabulary and Lectures do not factor into the grade; this is why the Graded number is lower than the Taken number.

    SCORE: This shows the average grades for each type of activity that the student has completed.

    WEIGHT: This shows how the grade values of the different activity categories combine to form the overall grade.

    *Note: Elementary end-of-year report cards will be assigned a 1-4 score by subject. *Note: Secondary end-of-year report cards will follow the scale below by subject.


    • A 100%-93%
    • A -92%-90%
    • B+ 89%-87%
    • B 86%-83%
    • B-82%-80%
    • C+ 79%-77%
    • C 76%-73%
    • C-72%-70%
    • D+ 69%-67%
    • D 66%-60%
    • F 59% and below

    We are a team, so if you are having any issues, please do not hesitate to schedule a meeting with your student’s Edgenuity Coach.

    Lakewood Online Academy with Imagine Edgenuity Academic Intervention Policy

    One requirement to remain in good standing with Online Academy is to stay on-track or ahead in all classes. It is very important that students make sure they are logging in regularly and are where they should be in their courses each day.

    If a student falls behind a certain percentage in any class, there are interventions that their coach will implement to help the student get back on track. Note that this process will be completed for every class the student is enrolled in. For example, if the student is enrolled in three classes, and is behind in three classes, then this process will be followed for each class. Below is a list of percentages behind and what intervention follows.

    • 0-14% behind: Student is considered in good academic standing.
    • 15-24% behind: Coach will email the student and families to alert them that the student is falling behind in the course and is in danger. It is expected that students and families talk together about a plan for catching up.
    • 25-34% behind: Coach will call the student and family and discuss the student’s progress, ideas for catching up and making further progress, and letting the student and family know that if the student reaches more than 35% behind, they will be required to attend a Zoom intervention meeting.
    • 35% or more behind: Coach will call student and family and arrange an in-person or ZOOM academic intervention meeting that both are required to attend if the student is younger than 18. During this meeting, their Imagine Edgenuity Coach, counselor, and school administrator will talk with student/family about any issues/struggles that are occurring with course work, and create measurable goals for a two-week follow up.
    • After two-week follow up: If student still has not made adequate progress on goals created during the in-person intervention meeting, student’s counselor will be notified and student is at risk for not earning credit for the course and/or being withdrawn from Online Academy.

    Weekly Contact

    • Students must have weekly contact with their Edgenuity Coach. All student contact must be educational and instructional in nature. This can include communication through email coming to weekly meetings, text or phone calls, and Zoom. This is a requirement of the state of Washington. All our students are encouraged to Zoom with peer tutors or their Coach to get support in their courses. Parent/Guardian contact does not count towards weekly contact for secondary.

    Plagiarism policy

    • Plagiarism, including not citing sources, will not be tolerated. Plagiarism is defined as the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own. Students will be given an opportunity to redo an assignment that is found to contain anyone else’s work without giving due credit or consists entirely of someone else’s work. Repeated offenses will warrant a disciplinary meeting with the student involved, the student’s online coach, parents/guardians, and eventually, an administrator should the problem persist. A course will not be considered complete until an honest attempt is made of each assignment with the student’s own ideas. This policy is an especially important part of the online learning environment and will be enforced as assessments rely heavily on written work.