• You can be part of a student's success story! Apply to be a paraeducator or substitute paraeducator.

    What does a paraeducator do?

    Paraeducators work alongside teachers to assist students throughout their classroom and school.

    • Help with make-up work, classroom assignments and tests
    • Assist students one-on-one or in small groups with lessons
    • Read stories, listen to students read, provide writing assistance, reinforce lessons, help with computer learning programs and more
    • Help students reach academic goals and grade-level standards
    • Communicate with teachers

    Why work as a paraeducator?

    • Have a rewarding job working with students
    • Work and make a difference in your own community
    • Schedule follows the school calendar

    Minimum Requirements

    High school diploma (or equivalent) and

    • AA degree or
    • 72 college credits or
    • Successful completion of the ParaPro assessment
    • Successful completion of training requirements as outlined by the Paraeducator Certificate Program

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