• Running Start

    Running Start does just that—it gives high school juniors and seniors a running start on college-level classes. Those classes count twice—once towards fulfillment of high school graduation requirements and again for college credit. Some Running Start students have been able to graduate from high school and at the same time receive their Associate of Arts degree from local community colleges.

    Juniors and seniors who have earned at least 10.5 credits and have a minimum GPA of 2.5 are eligible to apply for the Running Start program.   Classes are taken on the campus of a local community college and students earn high school and college credit.  Students may take classes on both campuses during the school day or solely at the college.  

    Through Running Start, college classes are tuition free, but students must purchase books and material, pay lab fees, pay a matriculation fee and provide their own transportation and meals.  Careful planning is required to ensure all graduation requirements are met.  Courses under the 100 level are self pay and are not eligible for full credit at Lakewood High School.

    Applicants must take placement tests in English and Math to assess college readiness.  All college grades will be recorded on high school transcripts including course withdrawals and failures. 

    Course descriptions and the equivalency guides are available in Lakewood High School Counseling Office.  If a student is considering Running Start, he or she needs to consult with his or her school counselor for registration information and program clarification.  

    The deadline for registering for Fall Quarter is April 1st. 

    District Contact:
    Lakewood High School Guidance Center
    Phone (360) 652-4505
    Fax (360) 652-4507
Last Modified on February 23, 2011