• College in the High School

    This is a cooperative program between the Lakewood School District and Everett Community College.  This program gives students the opportunity to earn high school and college credit at the same time in pre-approved advanced high school courses. 

    Classes are taught by Lakewood High School teachers on the high school campus.  These teachers possess the same academic credentials as those required by Everett Community College for community college instructors. 

    Students pay a flat fee per course and receive .5 high school core credits and .5 elective credits (upon submission by the student of an official transcript) for each 5.0 college credits earned.  Both the grade and credits are applied to the cumulative totals once the Everett Community College transcripts are submitted.  Once on the transcript they may not be removed.  Students who enroll in these classes incur no additional fees and do not have to buy books for these classes. 

    The following advanced high school courses are offered at Lakewood High School for credit at Everett Community College through the College in the High School program:
    • AP/Honors U S History
    • AP/Honors American Government
    • Pre-Calculus
    • Calculus
    • College Level 1 English
    • Astrobiology
    • Chemistry
    • Forensics
    • Physics
    • Spanish 3
    District Contact:
    Lakewood High School Guidance Center
    Phone (360) 652-4505
    Fax (360) 652-4507
Last Modified on February 23, 2011