• Certificate of Academic Achievement Options

    All Washington state high school students must show they have key reading and writing skills by graduation. Most students will meet this requirement by passing a Washington state assessment. Some students with strong skills, however, may need to use an alternative assessment to demonstrate their skills. For these students, state-approved alternatives are available.  What are the options?

    Collection of Evidence
    Students compile a set of classroom work samples with the help of a teacher.  Collections for students in Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs can include work from their CTE program and other classes. You can learn more about the Collection of Evidence option at the following website. 
    Collection of Evidence Website

    Advanced Placement and College Admission Test Scores
    Students may use their scores on the SAT reading and math reasoning tests, ACT reading and math tests, and specified Advanced Placement examinations to show they have key skills. Learn more at:
    Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction

    GPA Comparison
    A student’s grades in English courses and/or math courses are compared with the grades of students who took the same courses AND passed the High School Proficiency Exam. This option is only available to students in their 12th grade year. Information about GPA Comparison is located at the following website:
    Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction

Last Modified on December 27, 2010