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    Drop-Cover-Hold versus Triangle of Life

    Some time ago an email was forwarded throughout the United States regarding the Triangle of Life. This message states that everyone who practices Drop-Cover-Hold procedures will be crushed during an earthquake. Needless to say, many parents contacted our schools, questioning our school district’s safety procedures. The author of the article is a self-described emergency worker. His theories have been disputed by FEMA, Red Cross, Washington State Emergency Management, OSPI – the list goes on and on. Drop-Cover-Hold has saved lives during earthquakes and continues to be the recommended safety procedure endorsed by all major and credible earthquake safety authorities. Links are listed below to various agencies disputing Triangle of Life and tips on proper earthquake procedures.Remember, when the earth begins to shake:

    Drop – get down to the ground or floor before the shaking of the earth throws you there.
    Cover – get under a table or desk or other piece of furniture that can protect you from falling items such as books, light fixtures, etc. Face away from windows and mirrors.
    Hold – hold on to the furniture, move with it. It is your protection from falling objects.

    After the shaking stops, move carefully. Watch for items that might have fallen or are ready to fall and for broken glass. Be prepared for aftershocks.  Please remember that the safety of your children and our staff is our priority. If you have questions regarding Lakewood School District emergency procedures, please call the District Office at 360-652-4500.

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Last Modified on December 17, 2014