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    Cougar Creek Elementary
    16216 11th Ave NE
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    Mailing Address:

    Cougar Creek Elementary
    PO Box 128
    North Lakewood, WA 98259
    Phone Number: (360) 652-4517
    Fax Number: (360) 652-4519

    Mission Statement

    Cougar Creek Elementary creates a safe, caring learning environment that supports a diverse community in reaching academic and social excellence. Inspiring Learners, Empowering Leaders, and Building Greatness.

    Principal’s Message

    Dear Families,

    Welcome to Cougar Creek Elementary School. This handbook provides some basic and important information about our school. Please read it and keep it in a safe place to refer to as needed. If you have questions that are not answered in this booklet, please feel free to call the school office at (360) 652-4517. The staff is always here to help. We hope that you find this a friendly and caring place for your child(ren) to learn and grow and that you will take an active part in their education.


    Bill Landry, Principal
    (360) 652-4517

    Schoolwide Behavior Expectations

    Every person at Cougar Creek Elementary is expected to treat everyone with dignity and respect. Discipline is a process that teaches students how to obey rules, be organized, increase mental stamina, and learn great self-control. The end result will be to increase positive character traits within students.

    The participants in the discipline process are the parents, students, staff, and other relevant members of the community. In the school setting, the primary participants are the students, staff, and parents.

    Discipline is an instructional process. There will be teaching, re-teaching, and practice of the skills and behaviors that will improve the student’s learning and success. Consequences and reinforcement may be used to encourage appropriate choices.

    Each staff member will demonstrate valued school behaviors and bring attention to students who choose those behaviors.

    1. Treat Others Right
    2. Make Smart Decisions
    3. Maximize Your Potential

    Each classroom will have a discipline policy, which will be communicated to parents through a classroom letter at the beginning of the year. For minor infractions, students will have consequences based on the classroom discipline policy. If the behavior continues after they have been through all classroom steps, the student will be referred to the office. An incident slip will be completed and sent home. Students will be required to return the incident slip with a parent's signature the following day. Failure to return the slip will result in a phone call home. In cases of severe misconduct such as fighting, bullying, and theft, the student will be sent to the principal immediately. Parents will be informed and the consequences given will be appropriate to the severity of the offense and may include suspension from school. All disciplinary procedures will be in line with the policies of our district.

    Student Schedule

    Student School Day

    • School instructional hours are: 8:30-3:10 p.m. Students will have designated lunch and recess times.
    • On early release Fridays, school hours are 8:30 a.m. to 1:40 p.m.
    • Students will be served lunch daily, including on early release days.


    • 11:05-11:45 – K/1 lunch 11:25-11:45 – K/1 recess
    • 11:30-12:10 – 2/3 lunch 11:50-12:10 – 2/3 recess
    • 11:55-12:15 – 4/5 lunch 12:15-12:35 – 4/5 recess


    Attendance: Regular school attendance is important to your child’s progress. However, if your child is ill, we ask that you keep him/her at home. If your child is going to be absent, please call our school in the morning at (360) 652-4517.

    Excessive absences that are of concern will be handled on an individual basis. You are encouraged to schedule family vacations during school breaks as students miss valuable instruction that cannot be duplicated through paper/pencil worksheets. If a student will be absent due to a family vacation, the principal must grant approval in advance, otherwise the absence(s) will be considered unexcused.

    Washington State Law requires elementary schools to conference with families when students have five excused absences in one month or ten in the current school year, in order to identify the barriers to the child’s regular attendance. Exemptions are when absences are pre-arranged or there is a doctor’s note for the absence.

    Tardies: If a student is not in class on time, his/her learning is disrupted. Tardiness is disruptive to the instructional process for everyone. If a student is tardy, the parent is requested to accompany him/her to the office and sign them in. A student is tardy if he/she arrives at or after 8:30 a.m. when the final bell rings. Classrooms open at 8:20 a.m. to receive students. Your help in getting your child to school on time is appreciated and truly benefits your child.

    Leaving Early: Teachers strive to make every minute of the school day count. Students who leave early miss out on important instruction. Therefore, we ask that you schedule appointments after school hours. In the event that you must pull your child out, please send a note indicating what time you will pick your child up. When you arrive at school, check in at the office. Your child will be called from class. Please do not go to the classroom to pick up your child.

    Student Absences and Makeup Work

    Students who are absent from school are expected to make up missed work when they return. When students are absent, they miss valuable instruction and learning opportunities. Increasingly, learning is moving away from teacher-directed instruction followed by a worksheet completed by students to students being engaged in class discussions and hands-on group activities designed to lead students to a deeper understanding of the concepts being taught. It is difficult, if not impossible, to re-create these experiences. Please be aware that there will not always be a worksheet or other paper/pencil task for every subject. If your child is sick and needs to miss school, he/she will generally be given the make-up work on the day he/she returns to school. A reasonable amount of time will be given for this homework. If a student is absent for more than three days, the parent may request to pick up the child’s work. If your child needs to be out for an extended period of time, please call the school office to request work and fill out a pre-planned absence form when appropriate.


    Research shows that the active involvement of parents in school is essential to a child’s educational success. One way in which parents can become involved is by encouraging their child to complete homework assignments. Homework can include reading, math facts, spelling, and assignments that were not finished in class. Some teachers may also assign long term projects and reports that are to be worked on at home. Please remember students have IXL and RAZ Kids online programs that they can also be working on at home.

    Dress Code

    At CCE, we feel a safe and positive environment is important to student success. This includes how they dress each day. Clothing with profanity, suggestive comments and/or designs, clothing advertising alcohol, tobacco or drugs are not acceptable. Students are expected to dress appropriately for the weather. This includes wearing clothing suitable for wet and/or cold days, when necessary. Northwest weather can be unpredictable. Sunshine in the morning can turn to rain later in the day. Unless we are experiencing heavy rain, students will be outside for recess. Please send students with jackets and socks and shoes. When the weather turns warmer, we want to ensure that students wear clothing appropriate for learning and playing at school. If students wear very short shorts or revealing tops, they may be asked to make a clothing change or put additional layers on.

    We ask that students remove hats and hoodies while they are inside the building, unless there is a special day planned or an exception. If a student is dressed inappropriately, parents may also be contacted and asked to bring more clothing. Keep in mind that tennis shoes or sneakers need to be worn on PE days. We also discourage flip flops and sandals because it is difficult to play in them at recess. Students often trip or get injuries if their footwear isn’t appropriate for outdoor activities.


    The PTA provides support to the school and its programs. Through its fund-raising projects, it provides financial assistance for playground equipment, school assemblies, library materials, audio-visual equipment, and much more. The PTA is open to all parents. Come and share in the fun of the many PTA projects. We encourage you to join and support our PTA. Watch for announcements giving details of the meetings. Check out the bulletin board and Facebook page for more information.

    Lost & Found

    A “Lost and Found” box is located in the multipurpose room. Jewelry, money, and small items are kept in the office. Students may retrieve lost articles by checking these areas. We encourage you to label all of your child’s clothing and personal possessions by boldly printing his/her name on each item. Unclaimed Lost & Found is donated at the end of each month to Kid’s Kloset.

    Personal Items

    Students are not permitted to have valuable items at school. This includes toys, trading cards, and electronic devices, such as IPods, DS players and cell phones, unless approval has been obtained from the principal and/or the transportation supervisor. Students will be asked to put these items in their backpacks to take and leave at home. If students continue to bring or use the items, teachers may take the items and ask that they be picked up from school. Some bus drivers allow these items during the bus ride. However, they are not allowed during the school day.