• Free and Reduced Price Meals

    A New Application Must be submitted each school year.
    Free/Reduced forms for the 2020-21 school year will be accepted beginning August 1st. In order to receive meals at a reduced price, students must have a current Free and Reduced meal application approved on file in their school.
    Please fill out the application completely, only one application per family is required. There is a built-in 30 day grace period from the previous year to complete a new application. If we don't have a completed and approved application on file within the 30 days, your children will be changed to full pay status.  The family is responsible to purchase meals or send meals from home until the application is approved.  All applications are processed within 10 days of the school receiving them.  Please do not email or fax applications as we must have an original (not copied) signature.
    If your student receives Basic Food or TANF you must include the number on the application.  

    Applications cannot be processed without the case number.

    Families that meet federal income eligibility standards may apply for meals at a reduced price or at no cost. Please note that applications for the 2020-21 school year must be based on July 1, 2020 income or later.  Please print and complete the application and return to your child's school. An original signature is required, so please do not email or fax your application. Only one application needs to be completed per family.

    As a result of recent Washington State Legislation, all students in kindergarten through 3rd grade who are approved for reduced meals will receive both breakfast and lunch at no cost. Students in grades 4 through 12 who are approved for reduced meals will receive breakfast at no charge and lunch for $.40.

    Students who are approved for free meals at school will continue to receive all meals at school for no charge. 

    Military families in the privatized housing (Carroll's Creek) will not need to include their housing allowance in their income when applying for free or reduced-price meals.
    PLEASE NOTE:  Those that qualify for free/reduced lunches may also be eligible for other benefits or reduced school district fees.  LWSD FREE AND REDUCED ELIGIBILITY PARENT CONSENT FORM