Medication at School

  • Schools rely on the cooperation of parents and guardians to safely and effectively administer medication to their students at school. Below are the procedures and appropriate use of prescription and non-prescription medicines. Parents or guardians are responsible for:

    • supplying all medications (schools don’t supply medications for students)
    • transporting medication to and from school
    • completing all the required Medication Administration Forms provided by the school district

    Requirements for all Medications

    • Parents/guardians must complete the Authorization to Administer Medication Form for each medication. The form must be signed by the health care provider and parent/guardian. Medication cannot be given without the completed form. Parents/guardians must bring all medications to the school office for the student.
    • All medication must be in the original prescription bottle, container or package.
    • Directions on the authorization to administer medication form must match the directions on the prescription label/bottle/container.
    • If half doses have been prescribed, the parent/guardian must break medication tablets in half before bringing to the school. 
    • Medication which is to be given three times a day should be given at home before school, after school, and at bedtime if at all possible.
    • Homeopathic medications will only be accepted if the authorization to administer medication form is signed by a healthcare provider.
    • If student is authorized to self-carry/administer (non-controlled) medication, they are required to have a signed self-carry authorization form on file with the health room and a one-day supply of medication(s) at all times.