College in the High School

  • What is the College in the High School (CHS) Program?

    Everett Community College's College in the High School program is a cooperative program between local school districts and EvCC. The program allows high school students the opportunity to earn EvCC college credit while simultaneously earning their high school credit for approved advanced high school courses. The courses are taught by qualified high school teachers who work closely with EvCC faculty mentors to ensure the work the students perform in the high school course is equivalent to a similar course taught on campus.

    How do I apply for CHS courses?

    College in the High School Registration Information - it is VERY IMPORTANT to monitor your email closely through the entire process!

    The steps are as follows:

    1. Apply online for Admission to EvCC.

    2. Complete the College in the High School program application.

    3. Sign in first, then register and pay for your classes.

    How much is the cost for each CHS course?

    The cost of each 5 credit course is $220.00 payable to EvCC.  There are no additional fees for textbooks.

    Who do we contact if we need assistance?

    It is up to the individual student to research their potential post-high school college choices and verify which credits will transfer.  Students can work with their LHS College in the High School teacher(s) and their counselor.

    For specific EvCC College in the High School information, please call 425-388-9040 or email