Graduation Requirements

  • Graduation Requirements

    All students graduating from LHS must pass each requirement established by the State Legislature, the State Board of Education, and the Lakewood School District Board of Directors. For the Classes of 2021 and beyond, students need to earn 24.0 credits.

    Cougar Path Advisory

    Character Strong is our Advisory curriculum.  Students are able to earn a .250 credit for one semester of Advisory with a grade of A or P.  This credit counts towards an Elective credit and helps in reaching the 24.0 required credits.

    Washington State History

    This is a Washington State graduation requirement. Students in the Lakewood School District will complete this during 7th grade. Students who do not meet the requirement in 7th grade will be responsible for fulfilling this requirement through a pre-approved credit remediation option. Please see your counselor for more details.

    High School & Beyond Plan

    Students work on their High School & Beyond Plan through the Homeroom Program. In addition, students will need to have a resume on file by their senior year and will need to receive information on financial aid options during their senior year of high school.

    Graduation Pathways

    • ACT/SAT/AP/IB Exams:

    Students may use scores on college admissions (ACT, ACT w/Writing, SAT, SAT w/Essay), and specified Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) tests, to show they possess the knowledge and skills expected of high school graduates.

    • Dual Credit Courses:

    A student who completes a dual credit course in English language arts or mathematics in which the student has the potential to earn college credit may use passage of the course as a graduation pathway.

    • Transition Course (Bridge to College):

    Passage of the Bridge to College course in English language arts or math may be used as a graduation pathway.

    • Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) Test:

    Cut score of 31 required.

    • Career and Technical Education Sequence of courses and Industry Recognized Credential or College Credit:

    More information to come.