Financial Aid

  • Lakewood High School code for FAFSA is 480586.
    Most students, regardless of family income, should apply for financial aid.  Financial Aid is available through both state and federal funding.  Financial Aid consists of grants, loans and work-study with loans making the largest portion for most students. To be eligible for financial aid, students must have a financial need and receive a high school diploma or GED.  Most accredited schools provide financial aid to attend; including universities, community colleges, vocational, technical and career schools. Even if you are not awarded any aid, if you are going to need student loans, it is a requirement for many lenders that you have applied.  Students also need to be a US citizen (FAFSA) or eligible non-citizen (WASFA), registered with the Selective Service if required and complete all the necessary forms.  For financial aid to continue once awarded, students, must make satisfactory academic progress and reapply each year.  Financial aid eligibility is the difference between the cost of education and the Expected Family Contribution (EFC).
    You must complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to apply for federal student aid and to apply for most private and public state college funding. FIRST, you & a parent/guardian will need an FSA ID to electronically sign your application.  They are available at Once you have your FSA ID, you then submit your application online at  The site offers a save feature that allows you to come back to your application and enter further information if needed.  Once you submit your FAFSA you will be allowed to make corrections by clicking on the appropriate link.  The FAFSA has an IRS Data Retrieval feature that allows you to link your tax information directly to the FAFSA and the schools of your choice.  More and more schools are choosing this as the preferred option for sending secured information.
    Be careful and only use the official FREE FAFSA website:  You should submit your FAFSA as soon as possible after OCTOBER 1ST to ensure the fullest consideration of available funds.
    Once you are admitted to a school, the financial aid office at that individual institution will make the decision for the amount of financial assistance. Both state and private colleges have financial aid funds that they control.  Many schools have financial aid deadlines that are separate from their admissions deadlines.  Check with each school to be sure.  You will be required to resubmit a FAFSA each year you are seeking financial aid in college.  Keep all your information including your FSA ID.

    Class of 2022 FAFSA Instruction Sheet - detailed instruction on how to complete your FAFSA

    Further Financial Aid information can be found at the following websites:
    WASFA APPLICATION - Washington Application for State Financial Aid for undocumented individuals