Online Resources

  • The databases listed below are accessable by clicking 
    and entering the following username and password:

    Username: lakewoodsd
    Password: Cougars#1 

    (the is capitalized)  

    Trade & Industry (market reports, trade, consumer publications, and business)
    Family Health (health sciences and nursing)
    US News (news sites, newspapers, and blogs. Features publications from 1980 until now) 

    eLibrary Curriculum Edition:
    Arts, History, Math, Science, English, Social Sciences, PE & Sports 

    SIRS Discoverer:
    Arts, History, Math, Science, English, Social Sciences, PE & Sports, Health, People, Technology, Current Events, World Country Facts & Maps.
    **This database is great for finding Pro and Con articles** 

    Cultural information on more than 200 countries around the world! Watch videos, read articles, and listen to music. 

    History Study Center:
    Full text historical documents, historical images, and historical video clips. Includes primary and secondary sources on African, American, British, European, Latin American histories, as well as numerous wars and conflicts. 

    ProQuest Learning Literature:
    All things literature! Find information about authors and poets and more.

    Sno-Isle Library has even more research databases for you to use! Follow this link and use your library card number to sign in.