• Your school counselor is trained to help you deal with academic, vocational, personal, and social concerns.  The aim of your school counselor is to help you be successful in your education, as well as to encourage and maximize your potential as an individual.  Your visit is personal and confidential, except when a student reports harm to self or others.
    We offer assistance to students and parents in many areas:

    • Crisis intervention and support
    • Academic counseling and planning
    • Decision making and goal setting
    • Conflict resolution and mediation 
    • Study techniques and organizational skills
    • Referrals for outside support

    At Lakewood Middle School we have two counselors to serve our student's needs for the 2023-24 school year as well as other family support professionals: 

    Meghan Corrales         6th & 8th Grade Counselor  - Class of 2029 & 2031

    Steve Hecimovich        7th Grade Counselor - Class of 2030

    Emily Schulenburg            Student Support Advocate

    Tori Weber                   Student Assistance Professional