• Peak Performers Honored
    Peak Performers Named at 11-2-11 Board Meeting:
    LWSD Reconfig Crew
    At the November 2, 2011 Board meeting, the Lakewood School Board honored the LWSD Configuration Facilities Crew for their outstanding contributions to the district. 

    Pictured from L to R: Thai Le, Dan Green, Mark Webb, Darrel Fitch, Duane Meyer, Tony Stride, Debbie Wold, Bruce Camp, Board President Ken Christiansen. Unable to attend: Becky Campbell, Wayne Due, Ralph Neilsen, Jim Nigro, and Shawn Potter.
    Sally Wiegand
    Also at the November 2, 2011 Board meeting, the Lakewood School Board honored the Volunteer Sally Wiegand for her many contributions to the district. Pictured L to R: Board President Ken Christiansen, Sally Wiegand, and Board Vice President Kelly Allen.
    At the May 2, 2012 Board Meeting the Board recognized the following Peak Performers:  Food Services Supervisor, Leanna Davis, and Lakewood High School CRT Program Staff Kathy Martinson, Toni Bebee and Sarah Cox.  See pictures below.
    Peak Performers
    with board
       L to R:  Food Services Supervisor Leanna Davis,                  L to R (Back Row): Board Members Oscar  Escalante,  
       LHS CRT Program Staff Kathy Martinson,                               Ken Christiansen, Larry Bean, and Greg Jensen.
       Toni Bebee, and Sarah Cox.                                                     L to R (Front Row): Leanna Davis,  Kathy Martinson,
                                                                                                           Toni Bebee, Sarah Cox and Student Rep. to the Board
                                                                                                           Kaylee Diggs.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Greg                                                                                         Kathy                                                                                         Student
    At the March 7, 2012 Board Meeting the following individuals were named as Peak Performers:  Volunteer Ursula Denison and Staff Members Shelly Patterson and Jennifer Hileman-Keep.  See pictures below.
    Shelly Ursula Jennifer3-7-12
    L to R:  Staff Member Shelly Patterson, Volunteer                     L to R:  Board Member Oscar Escalante, Board
    Ursula Denison, Staff Member Jennifer Hileman-Keep.             Member Greg Jensen, Board Vice President Larry
                                                                                                             Bean, Board President Kelly Allen, Peak
                                                                                                             Performers Shelly Patterson, Ursula Denison and 
                                                                                                             Jennifer Hileman-Keep, and Board Member 
                                                                                                             Ken Christiansen. 
    Peak Performers Named at 2-1-12 Board Meeting:
    Peak Performers
    At the February 1, 2012 Board meeting, the Lakewood School Board honored four key individuals responsibile for the recent renovation/conversion of the LHS dirt soccer field to a grass playing field as Peak Performers.
    Pictured from L to R:  Community Member & Peak Performer Mark Roe, Board Vice President Larry Bean, LHS Boy's Head Soccer Coach & Peak Performer Bryce Barker, and Board President Kelly Allen.  Not pictured is  Peak Performer Chad Davis, owner of Seaside Landscaping.  Peak Performer Rick Orr is pictured below.
    Pictured L to R:  Mike Mack, Director of Student Services and CTE Peak Performer Rick Orr, Owner of Native Grounds Landscaping, and LHS Boy's Head Soccer Coach Bryce Barker. 
    Rick Orr
    Below please view before and after pictures of the soccer field renovation project.