Overview of the District Strategic Plan

  • Every five years the Lakewood School District works to update their long-term goals by creating a Strategic Plan.  Staff and community members worked together during the 2014-15 school year to update the district's Strategic Plan that was approved at the August 5, 2015, School Board meeting.  The plan is broken into five domains containing various goals within each domain. Each goal area has assigned activities that are scheduled to take place in order for the goal to be met.   Responsible personnel is identified and a timeline established for each goal area. 

    Below is an overview of the 2015-2020 Lakewood School District Strategic Plan for your review.


    • To provide rigorous, relevant, and effective curriculum and assessments
    • To develop and teach staff specific instructional strategies to ensure a high-quality education for our students
    • To increase the on-time graduation rate by 3% per year
    • To provide instructional technology that will be used as learning tools in the classroom


    • Choose highly visible and effective platforms for advertising positions
    • To develop an effective process for screening and interviewing applicants
    • Retain high-quality staff dedicated to the well-being and success of the students at Lakewood School District
    • To provide additional training to staff


    • To provide a physical environment to meet the needs of our instructional, academic, athletic/co-curricular programs and community needs
    • To provide comprehensive support services at a level necessary for safe, functional and efficient utilization of resources
    • To provide additional training to staff


    • To implement sound financial practices
    • To utilize the district’s financial resources to provide services which support increased student achievement and community confidence in the school system


    • To increase communication with our community (external)
    • To increase communication with our principals and staff (internal)
    • Recognize student, staff, and community contributors
    • Continue to provide opportunities to cultivate relationships between students, staff, schools and local businesses/civic groups, thereby strengthening community engagement and student achievement