2020-21 School Improvement Plans

  • Board approved School Improvement Plans for Lakewood Schools.

    2022-23 District School Improvement Plans

    2022-23 Cougar Creek SIP
    2022-23 English Crossing SIP
    2022-23 Lakewood Elementary SIP
    2022-23 Lakewood Middle SIP
    2022-23 Lakewood High SIP

    “Intelligence plus character — that is the goal of true education.”
    —Martin Luther King Jr.

    Much has occurred over the last year in the Lakewood School District. We found multiple opportunities to come together, for students to have a greater voice, for staff and parent partnerships. Whether it was Cougar Cabinet, Lakewood Middle School STEM Open House, the ongoing partnerships of the Equity Team, the Lushootseed Storytime that brought Salish culture our elementary schools, our expanding relationship with LincNW or our successful and engaging Summer Academy, Lakewood is a small district going big places.

    Each year, our building and district staff collaborate to prepare and implement School Improvement Plans (SIP).  These “roadmaps” set out the strategies and activities designed to increase the level of student achievement.  A SIP outlines the collective goals of each school, the actions offered to meet those goals, what and how data will be monitored, timelines, responsibilities, and how staff members will be supported through professional learning.  Relevant evidence ultimately supports the creation and midstream adjustment of the SIP.

    Each Lakewood SIP is unique to the building and the needs of its students but is guided by the overall district priorities and the Lakewood Compact. The two common goals of each SIP, Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) and a sense of Belonging are again the anchor from which these plans are formed.  Our opinion remains resolute:  All plans for supporting the academic and well-being of our students and community can be tracked back to these two priorities.  As Lakewood grows in its capacity to build around these principles, we uncover more and more opportunities to support the needs of our students.

    As you read through the SIPs, you will see that our administrators and staff are committed to making student achievement the focus of these plans.  Our commitments, structures, and learning extend through and between our school communities, guided by the recognition that we all have something to learn from one another.

    Bryan Toutant
    Executive Director of Teaching and Learning