Bus Rules and Information

  • Transportation Information Line

    Dial (360) 654-2024 for a recorded message that will update families during inclement weather or when road conditions affect the timely operation of our school buses. During inclement weather, we will make every effort to update this line by 5:30 a.m. This phone number is not monitored for incoming messages. Please call (360) 652-4525 for any Transportation questions.

    Riding the School Bus

    Your drivers strive to transport your students safely to and from school every day. They need your students’ help. Please remind them to follow the directions of the school bus driver and follow the school bus rules: go directly to your seat and stay seated in your assigned seat, keep your hands and feet to yourself, talk quietly and use appropriate language, and keep the aisle and emergency exits clear. A complete list can be found below. We will have a great year when we all work together.

    School Bus Stops

    Bus route numbers, bus stop locations and pick up and drop off times can be found in Family Access by the last week of August. Students should be waiting at their designated school bus stop at least five minutes prior to the published stop time for the stop. Please help us to be on time to school by being at your stop five minutes early. Students are allowed to depart the bus only at their assigned stop. Exceptions to this can only be made by prior arrangement with a note from a parent delivered to the school office. The office staff will then write a bus pass to be given to the bus driver allowing the student to get off at a different stop.

    Special Notice to Kindergarten Parents

    Kindergarten students need to be met at the bus stop by a parent/guardian or other adult. They can also be released from the bus with an older sibling with prior arrangements. If you are a parent of a kindergarten student, please communicate to your bus driver if someone other than yourself will be meeting your student, or if your student should be released with an older sibling. Thank you for your cooperation.

    Video/Audio Recording on Buses

    Students and parents are notified that, for safety and student behavior management, activity on school buses shall be recorded by video/audio recording systems installed in all Lakewood School District buses. District policy #6608 governs the use of recorded material.

    Rules of conduct for students riding school buses

    • Students must obey the driver and any other staff member assigned to the bus.
    • Students may only ride their assigned bus unless pre-arrangements have been made.
    • Students must depart the bus at their assigned stop unless pre-arrangements have been made.
    • Students must remain in the seat assigned by the driver.
    • Students shall observe classroom conduct on the bus. Noise shall be kept to a minimum, and obscene language or gestures are not allowed.
    • Students shall remain quietly seated, not exhibit disruptive behavior and turn off all noise-making devices at railroad crossings.
    • Students shall not smoke or ignite lighters or matches on the bus.
    • No eating or drinking on the bus unless specifically allowed by the driver.
    • Students must load and unload the bus in an orderly manner, no pushing or shoving.
    • Students must keep all body parts inside the bus at all times.
    • Items prohibited on the bus include: sticks, breakable containers, weapons (real or toy), skateboards and large and/or bulky items that cannot be held on lap or between legs on the floor.
    • Students shall go directly to a seat upon loading the bus and remain properly seated at all times while on the bus (seated facing forward).
    • Students shall not cross behind the bus. Always cross in front when loading or unloading the bus.
    • Students shall go directly to their home after leaving the bus.
    • Students shall use lap belts on buses, if equipped.
    • Students shall follow emergency exit drill procedures as instructed by drivers.
    • Students shall not tamper with emergency doors or equipment.
    • Parents of students identified causing damage to buses will be charged with the cost of incurred damage.
    • Student misconduct shall constitute sufficient reason for suspending transportation privileges.


General Operating Requirements