Custodial Services

  • Lakewood School District custodial services are centrally managed with custodial staff cleaning and maintaining almost 330,000 square feet of building area with 10.6 FTE (full-time equivalent) custodial staff members.  These staff members also assist in maintaining approximately 120 acres of school property.  The school custodian is the front line facility operation contact person in the school.

    Centralized custodial supervision provides:

    • Support to facilitate daily operations
    • Building inspections 
    • Staff evaluation 
    • Establish and confirm consistent cleaning/maintenance procedures
    • Supervise staff hiring and training 
    • Assist building staff in providing educational support

    The building custodians provide:

    • Clean and safe school environments
      • Current research on maintaining indoor air quality and clean buildings supports a sense of ownership and participation by all parties required.  Custodians alone can't respond to these various building and operational issues and solely clean/maintain a facility.  The school's administration, staff, students, and community all help to ensure that the school building is a clean building.
    •  Staff, student, and community facility support
      •  Custodial staff is to provide assistance to building staff and facility users.  They also allow authorized access and secure the facility.
    • Facility maintenance
      •  Custodians are assigned to complete "homeowner level" maintenance duties and maintain communication with other district departments concerning facility operational needs.