• Lakewood School District Graduation Requirements

    Subject Area and Credit Requirements

    All students graduating from LHS must pass each requirement established by the State Legislature, the State Board of Education, and the Lakewood School District Board of Directors. A minimum of 22.5 credits must be earned for the classes of 2019 through 2020. For the Classes of *2021 and beyond, students need to earn 24.0 credits.

    LHS & STATE GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS Class of 2017- 2020 Classes of 2021 and beyond

    Career and Technical Ed.

    1.0 1.0
    9th English or Honors (1yr)
    10th English or Honors (1yr)
    11th English Options (2 semesters)
    12th English Options (2 semesters)
    4.0 4.0
    Fine Arts
    *Class of 2021 additional 1.0 can be a Personalized Pathway option based on student’s post-secondary plan
    1.0 *2.0
    Financial Fitness
    Adv. Algebra Prep
    Adv. Algebra/Trig
    3.0 3.0
    Health & Physical Education
    1 Health and 3 P.E. classes
    2.0 2.0
    Earth/Space/Physical Science (9th)(1yr)
    Biology (10th)(1yr)
    Advanced Bio/Forensics
    Ocean/Marine Biology
    *Class of 2021 additional 1.0 credit of science
    2.0 *3.0
    Social Studies
    World History or Military Hist -10th (1yr)
    US History or Honors US –11th (1yr)
    CWI or Honors Gov – 12th (1yr)
    3.0 3.0
    World Language
    *Class of 2021 additional 1.0 can be a Personalized Pathway option based on student’s post-secondary plan


    6.5 *4.0

    Cougar Path Advisory
    COUGAR PATH, approved by the Lakewood School Board in May of 2003, satisfies the Lakewood High School graduation requirement of a Junior Job Shadow and Senior Presentation of Advisory Binder, and High School Beyond Plan/Personalized Pathway.

    Certificate of Academic Achievement
    Earning the Certificate of Academic Achievement is accomplished by successfully completing Washington State Assessments in Reading, Writing, Math, and Science prior to graduation as determined by OSPI and State Legislature.

    * Personalized Pathway Class of 2021 and beyond
    A Personalized Pathway option is based on each student’s post-secondary plan. Students meet with their counselor to form a 5 year plan (see Cougar Path description above). Classes needed to fulfill the individual’s plan are unique to each student and can utilize the Personalized Pathway option. Students who want to attend a 4 year university, will take classes that meet university requirements and will need 2 years of a world language, students planning to follow a different route may not need a language, but will take more technical classes in place of the language requirement.

    Washington State History
    This is a Washington State graduation requirement. Students in the Lakewood School District will complete this during 7th grade. Students who do not meet the requirement in 7th grade will be responsible for fulfilling this requirement through a pre-approved credit remediation option. Please see your counselor prior to enrolling in a credit remediation option.


Last Modified on March 5, 2018