• Dr. Erin Murphy

    Superintendent Dr. Erin Murphy

    I am honored to serve as the new superintendent in the Lakewood School District. Our district is committed to creating an engaging educational experience, centered on supporting every student’s academic, social, and emotional growth. The development of strong relationships with our students, their families, and our community forms the foundation from which we build. Relationships are at the heart of our strong partnerships between the Lakewood community and our schools. I believe that to foster strong relationships there needs to be open and transparent communication, with the opportunity to connect and get to know one another through informal conversations. Our family moved into the district this summer. I look forward to developing such relationships and to partnering with you in support of our students.

    Lakewood is deeply committed to creating an inclusive community where every student and family feels welcome, and that they belong. While belonging can sometimes be equated with fitting in, we believe that at the core of belonging is being known, respected, and valued for who you are as an individual. As we look toward the start of the school year, we are excited to welcome you back, as we partner to ensure that every student feels safe, has a sense of belonging, and engages in learning. This belief is highlighted in the Lakewood Compact, which includes our three commitments to ensuring high levels of learning and growth for all students:

    • Service, Leadership and a Community of Caring
    • Equitable Access to Powerful Learning
    • Collaborative Community and Programmatic Partnerships

    Lakewood is known as a district that centers our decisions and actions on what is best for our students. The strength of our district comes from the people who call LWSD home.We are fortunate to have talented and caring staff, passionate and intelligent students, and a supportive community. I look forward to serving as your next superintendent and to building on this strong tradition as we work collaboratively to grow stronger together.

    All the best,

    Erin Murphy