Health Services

  • “A child cannot be educated unless they are healthy, and a child cannot be healthy unless they are educated” (unknown author).

    This has been adopted by the Health Services Staff of Lakewood School District as our motto. We want to partner with you, your child, your child’s primary healthcare provider and the educational staff to offer all students the best educational experience possible – which includes good health.

    What we can provide

    • First Aid
    • Illness evaluation (to determine the need to be home)
    • Vision/hearing/scoliosis screenings
    • Specialized individual health care plans for chronic or life-threatening health conditions
    • Referrals to health care resources in the community

    What we cannot provide

    • We cannot diagnose or treat any condition (other than First Aid)
    • We cannot take the place of your child’s primary healthcare provider
    • We cannot give medication (prescribed or over-the counter) unless we have written, signed orders from your child’s primary healthcare provider.

    Things you can do to partner with the Health Services staff

    • At the beginning of EACH school year, make sure to complete and turn in all health-related forms. We renew all paperwork each year – even if there have been no changes in your child’s health, we ask for a yearly update.
    • Keep us “in the loop” during the school year. If there is a change in your child’s health – a new or changed diagnosis, chronic illness, etc – please let us know.
    • Keep supplies/medications well-stocked; pick up any leftover supplies/medications on or before the last day of school (or they will be destroyed)