Our School

  • Lakewood High School Mission Statement

    "Lakewood High School is dedicated to educating students to become respectful, responsible, and literate citizens with the skills to contribute to a global community."

    About our School 

    Lakewood High School is a (750 students) comprehensive high school, located in Arlington, Wash. We have a fantastic staff that cares a great deal about students’ academic progress as well as preparing students for life after high school.  The citizens of the Lakewood School District should be very proud of the newly constructed Lakewood High School. It is a beacon for the community as well as a template for what all comprehensive high schools should consist of. It’s a beautiful building and a wonderful place to teach and learn. It is our commitment that our students are afforded the opportunity to learn, participate, and succeed while at LHS. We are also committed to providing students exposure to as many post-high school options as possible so they are informed about career and educational opportunities after high school. Our goals are that every student graduates and every student has a realistic plan.