The Lakewood Middle School Library strives to encourage students to cultivate a lifelong enthusiasm for learning and reading, develop information literacy skills, and nurture curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking.

    MRS. ROEBKE, Librarian aroebke@lwsd.wednet.edu

    Wednesdays & Thursdays

    MRS. MASSOUD, Library Aide vmassoud@lwsd.wednet.edu
    Mondays & Tuesdays
    *Alternating Fridays*                      

    At the LMS Library you can: 

    • Borrow fiction and nonfiction books, magazines, and audio books.
    • Use reference materials and maps.
    • Use the computers and printer.
    • Study and read.
    • Take make-up tests.
    Gently used books and magazines are accepted to increase distribution.
    You can visit the Sno-isle Library for more book selections and other information: Sno-Isle Library

    Behavioral Expectations of the LMS Library 

    • Students are expected to treat library staff, other students, and library property with respect.
    • Students are expected to talk quietly to promote a learning environment in the library. If a student is being loud or disruptive, he/she will be asked to leave.
    • Students visiting the library are expected to have a purpose for being in the library, i.e. to study, to find a book, to use the computer for research, etc. and unless a student is visiting with a class, he/she must have a signed pass for the library.
    • Students may check out books for two weeks. (Reference materials and maps cannot be checked out but may be used within the library.) Only two items at one time can be checked out.
    • Students are expected to keep all food and drink out of the library to ensure proper care of library equipment and materials.
    • Students are expected to comply with the Lakewood School District Board Policy (4610) regarding the acceptable use of electronic information systems. The library's computer systems are intended for research/educational purposes and are not for the use of visiting chatrooms, visiting game sites, working on e-mail unrelated to a school assignment, etc.
    • Students are expected to comply with the Lakewood School District's Code of Conduct and general rules.