Regular school attendance is necessary for mastery of the educational program provided to students of the district. According to the compulsory attendance law (RCW 28A.225.010), all students are required to attend school between the ages of eight and eighteen. Students who fail to attend school or are absent without an excuse, seven times in a month or ten times in a school year, may be referred to the juvenile court according to RCW 28A.225.030.

    At times, students may appropriately be absent from class. The following principles shall govern the development and administration of attendance procedures within the district:

    • Absences due to illness or a health condition, religious observances, school-approved activities, and family emergencies shall be excused.
    •  The principal may, upon request by a parent/guardian, grant permission in advance for a student’s absence providing such absence does not adversely affect the student’s educational progress.
    •  If an absence is excused, the student shall be permitted to make up all missed assignments outside of class under reasonable conditions and time limits established by the appropriate teacher(s). (Note: Teachers are not obligated to allow you to make up work that you have missed due to an unexcused absence.)
    • Given individual circumstances, students with lengthy or multiple absences may be asked to produce a doctor’s note verifying the illness or physical ailment.
    • The term “unexcused absence” means that a student has failed to attend at least the majority of hours and or periods in an average day and have failed to meet the school district policies for excused absences.
    • Students who are absent from school may not participate in practice, contest, or activities on the day of absence.

    Parent/Guardians: Please call the school by 8:00 AM on the day your student will be absent.

    This information greatly assists the school secretary who checks on absences and serves to alert the office staff to possible student truancy. If a phone call is made, the student does not need to bring a note to school from the parent/guardian indicating the reason for the absence on the day she/he returns to school. All other students must produce a written excuse signed by the parent/guardian and presented to the office staff on the day the student returns to school.
    If the parent/guardian does not notify the school of their student’s absence, an automated phone call will be sent in the morning regarding the student’s absence. For your convenience, you may leave a message at 360-652-4510 twenty-four hours a day to report your child’s absence. A follow-up call may be made to verify the absence.

    Attendance will be taken each period. All students, regardless of age, must comply with attendance rules. (WAC 180:40-210)