• Key Communicators

    Key Communicators is a network of people who are well-connected to both the schools and the community. We would like to promote a continuing two-way exchange between Key Communicators and the school district via e-mail.

    Why do we need Key Communicators?

    Effective communication requires developing one-on-one relationships within the community. These relationships will help people know more about the school district and help the school district know more about the community it serves. Our goal is to know more about what people think, feel, and know.

    How does the Key Communicator Network work?

    Each Key Communicator will routinely be kept informed of school issues through e-mail messages from Robin Barker on behalf of Superintendent Michael Mack. Key Communicators will be asked to share information and then make the district aware of questions or concerns by sending an email to Robin Barker or Michael Mack.  There are no meetings to attend; we simply ask that you help us keep informed of what our community thinks about a particular issue.

    The latest Key Communicator messages are listed below.
    2014-15 School Year:
    2013-14 School Year:
    How can you join the Key Communicator Network?

    It's simple! Just send an email to Robin Barker and ask to be added to our Key Communicator email list.
Last Modified on July 8, 2015