Counselor's Corner
  • September - Attendance

    1. Build the Foundation for Learning: Regular attendance lays the foundation for effective learning. By being present, children engage with teachers, interact with peers, and participate in discussions, which nurtures deeper understanding of concepts and promotes critical thinking and curiosity.

    2. Foster Consistent Academic Progress: When children attend regularly and arrive on-time, they benefit from structured learning that follows a sequential curriculum. Each day builds upon the previous one, allowing students to grasp complex ideas and steadily advance. Students are part of crucial lessons, reducing their risk of falling behind.

    3. Encourage Social and Emotional Development: School is a place to develop essential social skills. Students form friendships, collaborate on projects, and engage in activities that foster teamwork, empathy, and resilience.

    4. Develop Responsibility and Discipline: By showing up every day, children learn the importance of dedication. Being accountable for classwork prepares them for future responsibilities and builds a strong work ethic.

    5. Impact Their Future: Attendance patterns established during the elementary school years have a lasting impact. Regular attendance instills a sense of commitment that extends beyond the classroom.

    6. Better, Together! Families play a pivotal role in shaping children's attitudes toward attendance. Together, we can emphasize the significance of attendance, encourage open communication about school experiences, celebrate the milestones, and empower our children to reach their full potential!

    If your student struggles with attendance, we can help!  Please email your child’s teacher and Mrs. Bartness at for support.




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