Student Attendance Variances

  • The school a student attends is determined by each student's residential address. If a student wishes to attend a school that does not serve the area of his/her residence, parents must request a variance. The variance is called a "Choice Transfer." Choice Transfers are approved or denied based on a number of reasons, including but not limited to, whether or not there is enough space for additional students.

    Choice Transfers are granted for one full school year, or until the end of the current school year. Families wishing to remain at their non-residential school must remember to apply for a variance each year.

    For questions or more information, please contact Sophia Deogun,
    Choice Transfer Coordinator at 360-652-4500 

    Types of Variances

    In-District Transfer Request (Lakewood School to Lakewood School)
    If you live within the boundaries of one Lakewood school, but want your student to attend a different Lakewood school, please complete an In-District Transfer Request Application. Transfer Request forms are available at the Lakewood School District Office.

    Non-Resident Variance (Another school district to a Lakewood School)
    If you live outside Lakewood School District boundaries and want to attend a Lakewood school, you must contact your home district's administrative office and complete their Choice Transfer form (out-of-district variance). Your home district must sign this form before it is submitted to our district for consideration. Additional information may be requested prior to approval.

    Non-Resident Variance Release (Lakewood School District to another school district)
    If you live in the Lakewood School District boundaries and want your student to attend a school in another district, you must fill out the Lakewood School District Choice Transfer form.

    Choice Transfer-Request to leave Lakewood

    Completed forms may be emailed or faxed attention Sophia Deogun at (360) 652-4502

    Applications will be reviewed in the order they are received beginning May 15. The District shall provide all applicants with written notification of the approval or denial of the application within 45 days of receipt.

    Right to Appeal
    Per RCW 28A.225.230(3) and WAC 392-137-190, parents/guardians have the right to appeal to the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction to determine if the District complied with state statute, regulations, district policy, and procedures.