COVID-19 Testing and Returning

  • Updated: August 26, 2022

    Students who need a COVID-19 test can receive a test from LWSD Health Services at your school. 

    Please schedule a COVID-19 drive-thru test appointment with your building nurse (see contact information below). At your scheduled time, you will park in front of the school and one of our health services staff members will come to your car to administer a COVID-19 test. You will receive results via text or email through Simple Report.

    PRIOR to testing, create a Simple Report profile for each student. See the appropriate link for your school on the right side of this page.

    Returning to school after a COVID-19 diagnosis

    Students may return to school after receiving a positive COVID diagnosis on the following schedule:

    After 5 full days of isolation if:

    • Symptoms have significantly improved or you are asymptomatic, AND
    • No fever for the past 24 hours without use of fever-reducing medication, AND
    • It is recommended, but not required, that students and staff who are returning to school after their 5-day isolation:
      1. Wear a well-fitted mask from days 6-10.
      2. Test prior to returning.

    Students and staff who choose to test after 5 days of isolation and are still positive must stay at home for the full 10-day isolation period.

    Returning to school after having COVID-19-like symptoms

    If your student begins to experience any COVID-19-like symptoms, they must isolate at home. Contact your school nurse before returning to school.

    Exposure to COVID-19

    Beginning March 14, 2022, staff and students are not required to quarantine at home after a known COVID-19 exposure. Exposed students and staff may continue to take part in all in-person instruction and activities, including sports, performing arts, and other extracurricular activities, as long as they are not symptomatic. If an exposed student develops symptoms, they are required to immediately isolate at home and contact the school nurse for further guidance before returning to school.

    Free rapid tests from Washington state

    Households are encouraged to test at home as needed. In Washington state, you can receive free self-tests each month from the Say Yes! COVID Test program. In addition, most insurance providers cover the cost of up to 8 self-tests per individual per month. 

    Building Nurses

    Gwen Grubb, BSN, RN
    Lakewood School District Nurse
    (360) 654-2098 

    Lakewood High School
    Tiffany Jensen
    (360) 652-4505  

    Lakewood Middle School 
    Annette Ziegler, RN
    (360) 652-4510 

    Cougar Creek Elementary
    Michelle Wormley, RN
    (360) 652-4517

    English Crossing Elementary
    Jen Rucker, RN
    (360) 652-4515

    Lakewood Elementary
    Jessica Dunc BSN, RN
    (360) 652-4520