• Harassment and Bullying Prevention in the Lakewood School District
    Policies and programs used to prevent these problems at each grade level
    What are Lakewood School District's policies about harassment, intimidation and bullying (HIB)?
    Lakewood School District has a policy in place designed to help prevent and report harassment, intimidation and bullying of students.  In policy #3207-Prohibition of Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying, the district recognizes its responsibility to provide a safe and civil educational environment that is free from all types of discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment, bullying and intimidation.  In this policy, the district further defines harassment, intimidation and bullying, and provides procedures for reporting, investigating and resolving incidents promptly.
    How do I report an incident of harassment, intimidation and/or bullying (HIB)?
    All incidents of harassment, intimidation and bullying should be reported to school administration or any staff member.  Any student who believes he or she has been the target of unresolved, severe or persistent harassment, intimidation or bullying may report incidents orally or in writing to any staff member.  Any other person in the school community who observes or receives notice that a student has or may have been the target of harassment, intimidation or bullying also may report incidents to any staff member.
    The HIB Incident Reporting Form may be used by students, families or staff to report incidents of harassment, intimidation or bullying.
    What is Lakewood School District doing about bullying and harassment?
    Students receive different curricula regarding bullying and harassment depending upon their grade level.  Below are some of the programs offered:
    • Second Step - a program the focuses on social skills for Early Childhood to Grade 8.   Each grade level features developmentally appropriate ways to teach core social-emotional skills such as empathy, emotion management, and problem solving.
    • Steps to Respect - a bullying prevention program for elementary schools.  The Steps to Respect program works on a schoolwide level. That means it starts with administrators taking stock of their bullying policies and procedures and creating a baseline using surveys and existing data to track progress. Next, all adults in the school—from bus drivers to cafeteria workers to teachers—are trained in recognizing and dealing with bullying. Once this groundwork is laid, the classroom lessons can begin—and kids learn how to make friends; recognize feelings; and recognize, refuse, and report bullying.
    • CORE Essentials is a character education program that provides simple tools that allow schools to quickly incorporate character education into their curriculum.  This program provides a 'value of the month' focus that encourages individual classrooms, the entire school and every family to emphasize the same aspects of each value.
    • Project Wisdom is a character education program that uses daily announcements to help students understand, care about, and act upon core ethical values. Students with good character are caring, just and responsible.  Good character education improves social and emotional competencies as well as academic performance.
    • Prezi#com - Bullying and harassment videos shown in homeroom classes at the middle school level.
    • Various assemblies held throughout the school year that deal with discouraging bullying and harassment (Taproot Theater's Anti-bullying Assembly; Band Together Anti-Bullying Assembly).
    • Various individualized programs such as Link Crew and WEB that promote anti bullying behavior.

     Lakewood School District HIB Brochure

Last Modified on January 25, 2017