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Cougar sports are back!

lakewood high school football Lakewood High sports are back! The Cougars are holding their own against WESCO teams from much larger school districts. This is a change this year due to COVID safety guidance.  

High school competitions for boys' tennis, volleyball, girls' soccer, cross country and football resumed in early March. Several safety precautions are in place including continuous equipment cleaning and keeping as socially distanced as the sport permits.

Financial support of sports teams is entirely dependent on local funding through the Educational Programs and Operations Levy which was not renewed for 2021. This year’s sports are being temporarily funded with dollars from Lakewood schools’ fund balance (savings account), but funds in that savings account will not last for much longer. 

Sports schedule
Visit the high school’s athletic webpage for the schedule and more information. 

Spectators at sporting events
At Lakewood, we will begin having spectators at sporting events starting Thursday, March 18. Even though there will be spectators and we will be planning for the maximum number allowed, the overall number will be limited for home events.

The participants of the event such as players, cheer, and the band will each be given a specified number of colored wrist bands to give out to those family members or friends they would like to have attend the event. Each wristband equates to entry for one person to the event. This is the only way spectators will be granted access to the event. They must be wearing the colored coded wristband for that particular event. The number of wristbands given out by participants will vary for each event.

All rules and regulations concerning wearing masks and social distancing still apply to all events. Designated seating has been established in the stadium that adheres to social distancing guidelines. Spectators need to follow these guidelines and other protocols as directed by the district for the event.

Schedule and how to watch online
Cougar sporting events are being live streamed on the district's YouTube and Facebook pages.