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Preparing for In-Person Learning

Dear Parent/Guardian,

The Lakewood Nursing Team greatly miss our students! We are anxiously waiting for our students to return to in-person learning. To help ensure a seamless transition back into in-person learning, please consider completing these important tasks so your student can be ready to return when schools are able to fully open.

Health concerns – If your child has a new life-threatening condition or is new to our district, please contact your school nurse. If your child has a healthcare plan (IHP) already on file with the school, please make sure you have reviewed and updated it with current info and Doctors orders for the Health Room (It may take some time to get a doctor’s appointment depending on your provider). If you need a copy of your student’s current IHP or have any questions, please contact your school nurse.

Medication - If your student needs medication at school, make an appointment with your child’s doctor to obtain medication orders. Then, be prepared to fill the prescription through pharmacy and have the medication ready to give to your school nurse when your child is able to return for in-person learning. The Authorization to Administer Medication Form can be found on our district website at

Vaccinations - Make sure your student is up-to-date with WA state vaccine requirements for school entry. Students who are out of compliance with vaccinations will not be permitted on campus. For current WA State vaccine requirements for school entry, please refer to

Let’s look to the future and be ready for in-person learning when it becomes time. Stay safe and healthy.

Thank you,

Kelsey Mitchell MSN, BSN, RN
Lakewood School District Nurse
(360) 654-2098

Cougar Creek Health Room
Gwen Grubb, RN, 
360-652-4501 x6004

English Crossing Health Room
Kelsey Mitchell, MSN,BSN, RN
Jennifer Rucker, RN
360-652-4501 x4004

Lakewood Elementary Health Room 
Jessica Dunc, RN
Phone Number 360-652-4501 x2004

Lakewood High School Health Room
Jolene Cox,  BSN, RN
360-652-4501 x5106

Lakewood Middle School Health Room
Annette Ziegler, RN
360-652-4501 x3004