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This school year, 7th and 8th graders were introduced to their High School & Beyond Plan during Health, Office Tech, or in Edgenuity meetings.  This graduation requirement starts in middle school with Career Planner, an online application found on each student's Clever page under Graduation Resources/School Data Solutions.  More information can be found on this video or PPT:   Video    POWERPOINT   The surveys are fun and provide insight on preferences, interests, and skills that students may already have and can explore throughout the next 4-5 years.



Tori Weber Substance use prevention program



Arlington Resource Center

Stanwood Camano Resource Center

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Foster Care Point of Contact

Meghan Scrimgeour


Common Sense Media

When it comes to your student’s use of phones and technology, the best parental control is you.  Set clear expectations, be consistent, and talk with your kids about what they’re doing, who they're talking to online, and how they feel about it.  Turn on Google SafeSearch, use Screen Time if you have an iPhone, use Family Link if you have Android, and look at the settings on your devices and services to see which built-in controls are available.  While they can block inappropriate content, impose screen limits, and more, they can be challenging to manage, kids can work around them, and they can create conflict in your relationship.  Play the long game.  Your ultimate goal is for your kids to learn responsibility and self-regulation.  That takes time and, sometimes, struggle.  Common Sense Media is a great resource for parents.  Check out the Parents Need to Know page and find several articles such as:

There are also several “Parent’s Ultimate Guide to…” apps like TikTok, Snapchat, Twitch, Discord, Fortnite, etc:






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