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Dear Families and Staff,

As Spring Break approaches next week I wish you all well.  Each family and individual in our community is experiencing the Covid-19 outbreak and its impacts in different ways.  Compounding these challenges is the reality that with schools closed, one of the touchstones in our lives—especially in the lives of our children—is missing.

Please know that all of us working in the Lakewood School District feel the emptiness of our classrooms, our buses, our playgrounds, our athletic facilities, our halls, our cafeterias.  We are taking seriously our charge that we do everything in our power to bring school to our students, to your homes.  Whether it is feeding students through the “Meals on the Bus” program; providing continuous learning through online platforms and in text form; or by distributing age-appropriate books from community members and school library surpluses, our intent is to bring meaningful supports, experiences and learning to students.

We are also learning. What we know and have experienced for a very long time is that education is a social endeavor.  It is often powerful when it occurs as a shared experience in a shared space with other people under the watchful eyes of our staff.  But during the closure, we have had to rethink what learning can look like and access new tools that support our instructional goals.  SeeSaw (at the elementary level) and Microsoft Teams (at the secondary level) offer opportunities to extend learning from teacher to student in new ways, while still providing vehicles for interaction.  We have had to shift from thinking about learning in a shared physical space to one that may be more digital or decentered.  Over the coming days and weeks, we will all become more familiar with these platforms.  Our students, staff, and parents will engage differently but in ways that also lead to growth.

Thank you for your patience and partnership these past weeks.  We are all trying to figure out this new world that we live in.  At the same time, we must ensure that we are meeting the needs of our students, families, and community.  Each day I see examples of people stepping in to help one another, giving one another grace in a time of great tension.

Though Spring Break certainly has a very different function and feel this year, I hope that it still offers an opportunity for rest and renewal.   Please take care of yourself and stay healthy.

All the best,

Scott M. Peacock


4/3/2020 Superintendent Message- Spring Break- Spanish


Lakewood Families, 

Students and parents will be able to access teacher-created lessons tomorrow, Monday, March 30 at 3PM on the district website.  Each teacher has posted lessons and resources to continue instruction and learning for your Lakewood students.  These lessons are designed to engage your students from the point we left off at the closure until Spring Break.  The folders are organized by building, grade and subject area.  To access the folders, please go to the district website and click on Parents and Students and choose “Distance Learning.”  I have included the direct link at the end of this message.

Our goal is for elementary students to be able to spend an hour and a half each day, and secondary students to spend up to three hours each day on the lessons.  The assignments that go with the lessons are required.  After Spring Break, we will be setting up students and families in a two-way communication platform with teachers so that they can receive feedback, support, and assessment of their learning. 

We understand that some of you may need help accessing the lessons due to technological restraints.  If this is true for your student, please contact Jeanette Hamilton at 360-631-2556 or email

We all miss seeing your students every day and doing what we love to do, watching them learn. 

Please look out for future communications from our staff and principals this week.

Link to Student Learning folders:

Bryan Toutant

Director of Teaching and Learning
Lakewood School District


Distance Learning Update- Spanish 


3/23/2020 District Update- Enrichment Opportunities

3/23/2020 District Update-Enrichment Opportunities -Spanish


3/20/20 District Update- Covid 19- Frequently asked questions

3/20/2020 District Update- Covid 19- Frequently asked questions - Spanish



Childcare during school closure

Childcare during school closures- Spanish


3/17/2020 District Update- Covid-19



3/12/2020 District Update- Covid-19


3/11/20 Covid-19 Update-School Closure


3/10/20 Covid-19 Update

3/10/2020 Covid Update- Spanish


3/9/2020 Covid-19 Update

3/9/2020 Covid-19 Update Spanish

3/9/2020 Message to Volunteers -Covid 19

3/9/2020 Message to Volunteers -Covid 19 Spanish

3/9/2020 Message to Volunteers-Covid-19- Russian


3/6/2020 Covid-19 Update

3/6/2020 Covid-19 Update- Spanish

3/6/2020 Covid-19 Update- Russian

3/6/2020 Activities and Events- Covid-19 Update

3/6/2020 Activities and Events Covid-19 Update Spanish

3/6/2020 Activities and Events Covid-19 Update Russian


3/5/2020 Covid-19 Update

3/5/2020 Covid-19 Update-Spanish

3/5/2020 Covid-19 Update- Russian


3/3/2020 Covid-19 Update

3/3/2020 Covid-19 Update Spanish

3/3/2020 Covid-19 Update Russian




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