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Message from the Superintendent

Dear high school families,


As you know, we have been able to make the shift to five days per week of in-person learning in our K-5th grades and will be making the same shift for middle school next Monday, May 10th.  I am disappointed to share that we are not in a position to return our high school students to a full-time in-person schedule next week.  The number of confirmed cases that we have seen among Lakewood High School students is too high to justify the risk at this time.


We will still move forward by shifting the high school from the block schedule, currently in place, to the traditional six-period day starting on Monday, May 10th.  This will give students contact with each of their teachers at least twice per week.  We will remain in the hybrid six-period day model at Lakewood High School for the remainder of this school year.  Sports will continue as scheduled in conjunction with WESCO guidance under Phase 2.  We are still planning an in-person graduation.


High school students will follow their normal schedule this Wednesday.  The asynchronous learning day has been canceled. This does not apply to Edgenuity students. 


Remaining in the hybrid schedule was a difficult decision.  We all had such great hopes of ending the year at LHS with a sense of normalcy.  Given the number of confirmed cases we are seeing, returning all students to school full-time with reduced social distancing would lead to significantly more exposures and an increased likelihood of outbreaks.  These scenarios place in-person learning, sports, and an in-person graduation at risk.


It is the intent of everyone on our staff, administration, and the school board that we continue our progress toward having everyone in-person, five days per week.  We are proud to have made significant steps in that direction this spring.  We are the first and only school district in Snohomish County and one of only a handful in our region to have done so in grades K-8.


Thank you all for your patience and understanding as we navigate these difficult decisions.  Have a great week!


All the best,