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Budget Advisory Process Underway

The school district has convened budget advisory groups to discuss budget reductions for the 2021-2022 school year in the event that the upcoming levy proposition does not pass. These committees will be recommending a total of $2.5 million of reductions for next year among these four areas of school district operations:

  1. Programs, staff and administration (personnel)
  2. Athletics and activities
  3. Teaching and learning (professional development and instructional resources)
  4. Facilities and operations

These cuts will be deep across the district. For this school year, the school district made significant cuts, but has been able to maintain many programs using its savings account. That approach will not be able to continue.

The meetings of the budget advisories will conclude next Thursday, March 18th with proposals that will go to the school board for review. These will be published and shared with the community at the end of March when they have been finalized.

We understand that the community is asking many questions about our discussions and projected cuts. Out of respect for those people likely to be impacted by the reductions, we are waiting until they have been finalized before discussing them publicly.