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We are excited to share our new COVID dashboard. It will provide new and different information, compared to the one that we created last spring when we first returned to a hybrid learning model.
What you will see now are weekly reports, broken down by school, that provide the aggregate number of confirmed cases (staff and student combined), along with the number of close contacts on 14-day quarantine, along with the number of close contacts on a testing alternative to quarantine. Right now, that option is Test to Return. We are currently planning to implement a Test to Stay option to begin soon. Stay tuned.
You will see a rolling three week report when the numbers are updated each Friday.
A huge kudos go out to our technology and nursing teams for their amazing work every day, contact tracing, testing, reaching out to families and keeping track of all the data that is part of keeping us safe. Our students are fortunate to have a great all-around team here at Lakewood!